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Café Slate hamper, 1 small utensil & 2 wine charms

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Mini hamper, Coral, pinks & yellows butterfly theme.

The perfect gift for any cheese and wine lover. Get creative and bundle this artisan handcrafted mini hamper with a set of wine glasses and a bottle of wine or champers and you have the perfect engagement , wedding or host gift!

  • Stainless Steel 305 utensil
  • Flame worked feature bead
  • Glass kiln annealed for durability
  • Utensil has a linen protective bag

Slate size: 30 cm long x 12 cm wide x 0.5cm thick. Utensil approx 14.5 cm long. Wine Charms approx 3.5 cm long. Total weight typically 450 grams.

We will package and lodge this slate board at Australia Post within 1 working day of order placement. Then shipping within Australia will take an extra 2 to 8 working days (Standard Rate, with tracking) for approximately AU$9.31 ($12.60 will cover tracked shipping for a total of up to 2 items of a similar size to this one. Express Shipping also available.) See Shipping/Delivery Policy and Refund/Returns Policy for more information.