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Café Slate hamper, 1 small utensil & 2 wine charms

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Mini hamper, pinks & yellows butterfly theme. Ideal fork for pickles and holding cheese down whilst cutting.

The perfect gift for any cheese and wine lover. Get creative and bundle this artisan handcrafted mini hamper with a set of wine glasses and a bottle of wine or champers and you have the perfect engagement , wedding or host gift!

  • Stainless Steel 305 utensil
  • Flame worked feature bead
  • Glass kiln annealed for durability
  • Utensil has a linen protective bag

Slate size: 30 cm long x 12 cm wide x 0.5cm thick. Utensil approx 14.5 cm long. Wine Charms approx 3.5 cm long. Total weight typically 450 grams.

We will package and lodge this slate board at Australia Post within 1 working day of order placement. Then shipping within Australia will take an extra 2 to 8 working days (Standard Rate, with tracking) for approximately AU$9.31 ($12.60 will cover tracked shipping for a total of up to 2 items of a similar size to this one. Express Shipping also available.) See Shipping/Delivery Policy and Refund/Returns Policy for more information.